Thursday, January 31, 2013

Completing the installation of the Dental Clinic in El Catey. I would like to thank all the volunteers who helped and a special thanks to Dr. Les Binkley who donated most of the equipment.

Exterior of the dental clinic.
John Reed and Ted working on the installation of the Clinic in El Catey.

Karen working on the sterilization area. She is the master of organization.

Ted working on electricity, plumbing, you name it!
Installing dental lights

This is the septic tank that was hand dug in 2 days.

Installing the panorex x-ray machine.

Jeffrey (the young dental student that will eventually run the dental clinc) and I  celebrating the installation of the panorex, Dominican-style.

Me standing in the sterilization area.

The dorm we stayed in while at the clinic. 
Council was a big help, as always.
Special thanks to brad and parker for helping Council with his school work, so he could go to help with the installation.

John Reed was the installation king.  We would have not mad it without him. 

Freddy carrying blocks for the septic tank.

Ki Ki helping drilling holes for the electricity. 
The three amigos

Finishing the clean-up. 

Time to celebrate!!!  We made the best pizzas, made by the best cooks. 

Our first patient.

Worship time with some friends.

Singing praise and worship songs.
Stephan making some awesome  treats.
Tish and Jill  talking

Council and a friend Taylor hanging out on the porch.

If you are wondering 611 is the address of our house.

Meriel hanging with her buddy Emily.

There was even reserved seating.

The family learning how to kitesurf

John at kite method literally wrote the book on how to kitesurf.

Getting a handle on the kite.

Phebe having a go at it.

Sarah is so small, she about gets carried off. 

Mama giving it a try. If she can handle 4 kids and me, she can definitely direct a kite.  

Sarah and Meriel cutting almonds out of the shell.